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Known as “The Family Beach”, Surfside Beach is a quiet town that is close to the tourist centers, but far enough away to not be impacted by large crowds. Incorporated in 1964, the population of Surfside beach has grown from just under 900 to around 4,000 residents.

The sandy beaches attract both permanent residents and vacation homeowners alike as the town provides an escape from the stress of big city life. If you’re looking for amazing views and a relaxed atmosphere, Surfside Beach could be the ideal location for you.

Homes in Surfside Beach
Surfside Beach has been a popular destination as a resort town, with people coming from miles around to experience beach-front living and the relaxed atmosphere. This popularity has driven the median house price to $261,000, and the overall cost of living in the area is slightly above the national average.

The prime location of the properties along with the local amenities are partially responsible for this, and homes of all kinds can be found in the area. There are many different types of housing in Surfside Beach and different properties will have different values, with the range including everything from brick ranches to single-family homes, historic buildings, and cottages along the shore.
It’s easy to see why people choose to live in Surfside Beach, as the climate and friendliness of the locals combine to give an unforgettable experience. The neighborhoods in Surfside Beach are without fail family-friendly and welcoming to tourists, and many homes around the town are used as vacation rentals throughout the tourist season.
This does not impact on the peaceful feeling that pervades the town, and in some ways enhances it, as most tourists are looking for somewhere to relax rather than the high-octane thrills that exist at attractions a few short miles away.

Living in Surfside Beach
Entertainment is always available as Surfside Beach is part of the Grand Strand, and many neighborhoods are within walking distance of parks, shops, and the beach itself. The town has a public library and welcomes families with open arms.

Restaurants abound with something to suit everyone’s taste, and spending time at the beach is a popular activity – fishing, shrimping, or parasailing, the choice is yours! The steady pace of life gives a real sense of calm to the town, making it a peaceful haven for everyone.
Sunset strolls along the beach or pier will sooth your soul, and it is easy to see why so many people find the area to be their favorite.

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